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St. Mary’s Parish School of Religion


Calendar of Events 


4/25/15 – 9:30am – First Sacraments Family Retreat

4/27/15 – 6:45pm – PSR in Session (St. Mary School)
5/01/15 – 6:00pm – First Communion Practice (St. Mary Church)

                                    (those attending 9:30am Mass)

5/01/15 – 7:00pm – First Communion Practice (St. Mary Church)

                                    (those attending 11:30am Mass)

5/03/15 – 9:30am – First Communion Mass (St. Mary Church)

5/03/15–10:45am–First Communion Group Picture(St. Mary Church)

5/04/15 – 6:45pm – PSR in Session (St. Mary School)

5/11/15 – 6:45pm–PSR Closing Mass&Celebration(St. Mary Church)



Called to Protect


This important program will begin for our 6th, 7th, & 8th graders on Monday April 13th.   Our rescheduled PSR Parent Meeting will be combined with our student Overview session for the 6th, 7th & 8th grade parents & students starting at 7:00pm in the school gym.


This is a diocese required training program to help our students by providing them with abuse prevention skills they will be able to use in all their interpersonal relationships. This self-protection training program uses DVD, facilitated discussion, and interactive activities to teach our youth what to know & what to do if they experience an abusive situation.


The program will continue through the month of April during regular class time.



Save Your Shoes


Our PSR program is supporting the parish drive to collect shoes for those in need around the world.  Our goal is 3,750 pairs of shoes!  Please help by bringing your shoes to PSR every Monday night in March & April.  For more information please refer to the Flyer below . . .


Save Your Shoes Flyer



Closing Mass & Celebration


Our PSR Closing Mass will be Monday May 11, 2015.  All students and their families are invited to attend Mass, in the church, at 6:45pm.  After Mass all are invited to the Fr. Garrity Center for an opportunity to say thank you to your Catechist for sharing their faith with you over the past year.  Light refreshments will be served.




PSR Classroom Map

To view the classroom layout for PSR this year select the navigation link above.  There will be one class per grade, except 2nd grade (due to the number of students). 




The PSR "GIFTSS" (Giving Individualized Faith Training to Special Students) program provides a unique opportunity to share our faith with special needs children.  The program has been in existence for 5 years, helping children and young adults to understand their faith a little better.


  Our program is led by 2 qualified Intervention Specialists who are capable of working with all types of special needs.


  If you have a special needs child, or young adult, please consider giving our program a try.  To see more information about the GIFTSS program, select the  GIFTSS GIFTSS from God interactive button.


  To contact the GIFTSS Team, send your email to:


 REO Library


If you're interested in learning more about our faith or if you want some good viewing or reading material, use the link above to access our Catalog.  Contact us or stop in if you find something.